Family Safaris Experience

September 16, 2018

There can be no greater thrill than introducing your children to the wonder of Africa. Whether it’s watching their astonished expressions as they come face to face with an elephant for the first time or their wonder when they find the safari tent is so much more than the one they use in the garden, it’s bound to be an unforgettable experience.
Most of us here at Beacon Safaris have kids and have traveled extensively across Africa with them, so we do what is good for you when it comes to your dream family safari. We know which camps and lodges have guides that truly engage kids of all ages at which they will get an authentic glimpse of different African Cultures and learn how to make bows and arrows. At Beacon Safaris we ensure that you get access to the unique African experiences that truly make your family’s holiday memorable. We regularly visit all our partner facilities so we know which have the ideal facilities for children.
At times, we will steer families away from predetermined notions about certain holidays whether good or bad. At Beacon Safaris we don’t believe a given destination or camp will be the best fit irrespective of how popular or well-reviewed it is. We only sell a safari when we are sure that it’s the best trip for our clients. The key to a memorable family safari is variety which is why we recommend you to visit several different destinations and camps on your holiday if you have time. Even the most wildlife-crazed child will definitely get bored sitting in a safari vehicle for days. We put together an itinerary with a good mix of lodges and camps with different activities to keep your children entertained. Most of the safari destinations are within close proximity to the beach, so it’s easy to add some time to relax before or after your safari.
While it’s true that 10 years ago children weren’t welcome at most lodges and safari camps, Beacon Safaris has played a key role in making family safaris friendly. We have pushed camp and lodge owners to build family-friendly facilities and tents and employ tour guides who love children. We are glad to confirm that an African safari makes an amazing family holiday with so much to see and do for every family member from the timidest to the adventurous irrespective of their age.
With its fabulous game, fascinating culture, pristine beaches and numerous safari lodges in Kenya is perhaps the best family safari holiday destination. Most of the lodge and camp owners have raised children in the African bush so they truly understand what it takes to make an amazing family bush holiday. Numerous activities such as riding safaris, horse riding, hot air balloon safaris, camel safaris, and walking will make sure that game viewing is not repetitive.

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